When You've Just Got to Have a Heart

Valentine's Day is on its way and no matter what you are creating to commemorate the occasion, from promotional materials to cards, it's pretty much a given that a heart will be featured somewhere.  For those doing the designing, whether working on a commercial or personal project, it's quite probable that a heart will actually be the starting point.

There is probably no other symbol that speaks of love and romance more than a heart.  Whether shot by Cupid's arrow or split in two, this ideograph metaphorically conveys the emotions of affection, infatuation, and heartbreak.

While it's the simple heart, used first in the 1500s as an expression of romantic love, that is most familiar,  the talent of designers and artists have provided a bevy of beautiful alternatives. They all evoke the message of love in ways that suit the diversity of today's modern culture. 

So, when you've got to have a heart, take one. There are many wonderful illustrations from which to choose. Here's a random sampling from iCLIPART.com  — no people, no animals, no cute little extras. Just the starting point for your romantic project.

iCLIPART.com Heart Illustrations


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