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If there's one word in the English language we tend to all like it's 'free'. 

Granted, we've all been taught, and if we've lived long enough learned, that very little in life is actually free. There are usually strings attached or a price to pay for trying to get something for nothing. 

In the world of Photoshop, however, there are many resources available that cost nothing and prove to be quite useful tools for your projects. No strings attached. It was indeed a happy day when I discovered how many there are out there.

In the spirit of spreading the happiness around, therefore, I decided to share  just a few of the ones I found here: Pinterest Free Photoshop Resources

Top Photoshop Resources

250 Free Photoshop Resources for Designers

60 Most Wanted Photoshop Resources, Brushes, PSDs and Tutorials

Free Photoshop Brushes


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