How-tos for St. Patrick's Day Projects

First there is the weekend, two days to recharge and catchup. And for many the extra energy will be needed, as on Monday everyone Irish and those who wish they were,  celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Everywhere, over the course of the next few days, images of shamrocks and leprechauns will be rampant and green will become everyone's favourite colour.

With toes set tappin' at the first toot of a tin whistle, with eyes that well at the first strains of Danny Boy, I've always harboured the suspicion that in a previous life I was Irish.  I see myself spinning yarn on a picturesque hillside accompanied by (for some strange reason) the haunting melody of a Celtic harp.

Yet, when it comes to honouring the March 17 event, I seem to lack the necessary imagination to bring the magic of Ireland to the occasion. Any decorating would consist of store-bought paraphernalia; any messages sent would contain purchased illustrations.

I thought therefore that it might be fun to find some tutorials that would help me create my very own projects. These websites offer some great suggestions for marking winter's last celebration.

Create a St. Patrick's Day Postcard in Illustrator

Make a Celtic Knot Border in Illustrator

Design a St. Patrick's Day Logo Inside a Flyer

Create Your Own Leprechaun

Create a Leprechaun's Shoe

Turn a Beer Green

Leprechaun Hat With Shamrock

Beer Text


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