Oodles of Babies

There are oodles of babies coming my way this spring. Three more grandchildren being added to a group that was, as far as their papa and I were concerned, not expanding quite quickly enough.

All this is changing with the influx expected and we couldn't be more thrilled looking down the road to summer vacations and Christmas with Santa again.

Just three weeks after a baby shower for our son's partner, we will be taking time on Sunday to celebrate the same special event for our daughter, at a shower hosted by her equally pregnant sister. These are wonderful family times indeed.

With little else but babies on the brain, it seems obvious to me  that when I set out to choose a clipart collection for today,  it was going to be all about cute, blue and pink bundles of joy.  Here then are the adorable results of that search:

iCLIPART.com Baby Illustrations


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