So You Want to Be a Wedding Photographer?

The bridal season will soon be underway and most engaged couples, if they're smart, have the majority of the planning done. As anyone who's been there knows, being organized early can alleviate much of the stress later as final details are worked out and the grunt work begins.

One of the things that's very important is meeting with the wedding photographer to decide on poses that capture the essence of the day and give insight into who the bride and groom are together. While formal bridal party shots, the traditional pictures with parents and images of the actual service are still popular, imagination and spontaneity are also at the forefront.

Our younger daughter studied photography in college and when the time came for her to be married, she  approached that aspect of her wedding as she would were she on the other side of the lens. In hiring a photographer, 'Hugsy' knew exactly what she expected.  From the engagement photos through the big day they worked closely together to develop a rapport and achieved not just a pictorial history of the event, but the type of artistry my girl likes in her photography work.

The poses she wanted were also well thought out. We chuckled at the list she had prepared, but she had absolutely ensured that down the road there would be no remorse discovering someone had been overlooked.

So you think you'd like to be a wedding photographer? Or are you planning the photo memories for your own big day?  Either way, these sites can serve as guides and inspirations:

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