Terrific Photoshop Tutorials for Spring

“Thoughts become things. Choose the good ones!”  — Mike Dooley

Motivational types, such  as the author of Infinite Possibilities quoted above, will tell you that there is power in positive thinking. Simply ridding the mind of all negativity, they say, will send good things your way. Thinking optimistically, they promise, will have your days filling with sunshine.

Well, okay. I am taking them at their word. No more negative thoughts about winter not leaving, but instead I will focus positively on its most certain demise.  As for thinking optimistically, well I'm thinking plenty about days full of sunshine, you can be assured of that.

The word 'spring' runs through my mind with regularity. I am busily planning the day for packing away the drab and dreary duds of winter, the weekends and nights to fling open windows and attack the necessary freshening clean.  I'm perusing gardening books and sites for ideas on this year's plantings, magazines and stores for colourful spring fashions for which my soon- to-be-cleared closets will be begging.

Even when it comes to creativity, all thoughts shall be focussed these days on spring. In search of some fun Photoshop projects to inspire the season's arrival I found these terrific tutorials:

Turn a Photo in a Nature-Inspired Illustration

Spectacular Grass Text Effect

Make a Magical Forest

Super Easy Flower Text Effect

Glass Tomatoes

Adding Sunlight Through Trees

Create Soft Flowing Waterfalls

Magical Forest Photo

Create a Green Planet

Create an Awesome Grass Texture


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