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Well, in keeping with what has developed into a theme this week, there is probably one more offering I can make regarding the topic of sunrises and sunsets.

As already discussed, it is one type of art to capture the perfect twilight or dawn through the lens of a camera; it is another to enhance that photograph with editing software to create an image that is just a little more... well, more.

But there is yet another way of preserving this natural beauty — through art. One of the most strikingly lovely paintings to me is Monet's Impression Sunrise. I am by no means a connoisseur of fine art, nor would I say I have a strong appreciation for it. I don't know why a particular piece would speak to me. I just know that if it does, I listen.  Monet's Sunrise makes me feel things — a loneliness without desolation, a calm intensity.

Those feelings reaffirm to me the power of this particular subject, regardless of the medium it's depicted in. During business hours I reside in a world of online clipart. Here too, sunrises and sunsets have been the muses for many of the talented illustrators whose work is featured there.  Like the photographer, they are struck by what they have already seen; like the artist there is no limit to what they can do with that through imagination and creativity.

Here are just a few examples: Sunrises, Sunsets

Acclaim Images Sunsets and Sunrises Sunrise/Sunset

ClickArt Online Sunrise/Sunset


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