Transform a Sunset With These Tutorials

So I've talked about beautiful sunset/sunrise photos and about how to take them. But what if your best efforts still aren't enough? What if what you see in the picture doesn't even come close to the splendour you saw in daytime's waning light?

On a recent trip to the French River, my husband and I were watching a spectacular sunset taking shape over the water. My camera was ready and thanks to digital photography and no concerns any more about wasting film, I went snap happy.

When the time came to load the pictures on my computer after our return home days later, however, I was less than impressed with the results. The colours that night had been strikingly vivid and distinct; the ones in the photo on the other hand were flatter, rather muted by comparison.

Once upon a time you pretty much had to take what you got. These days, however, image editors can help us enhance any photograph, including the glorious colours that come with the rising and setting sun. In a very short time, I was able to turn that picture into a true representation of what I'd seen that evening.

Here are some tips and techniques to give you the power to transform a sunset:

Enhance Sunset with Photoshop CS6

Editing Sunrise

How to Enhance a Sunset Photo

Fix Common Sunset Photos in Photoshop

Use a Gradient Map to Enhance a Sunrise

Enhance Sunset Photos in 10 Minutes


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