Waiting for a Sighting

One of the things that brings me hope for Spring's imminent arrival is my first robin sighting. I'm usually the last to see one, so I know that green grass and beautiful blooms will not be far behind.

However, as we head into mid-March, with sub-zero temperatures forecasted for later this week, and five-foot tall snowbanks remaining, these feathered harbingers of seasonal rebirth and renewal might take a bit of time yet before bringing us their morning melody.

It is one of the pleasures of my day to sit out on the deck in the warmer seasons and listen to the birds. The raspy whistle of an oriole and slurred tune of the cardinal are spirited songs for a hot summer day. The teasing cry of the chickadee, the robin's morning trill  are musical interludes in the morning quiet.

I like, too, watching their busyness as they flit and fly, perch and poke, joust and jig through their routine of nesting, hunting and gathering.

In anticipation, therefore, of the robin's can't-come-soon-enough-for-me arrival, I have scouted out some awesome illustrations of all our feathered friends.

iCLIPART.com Bird Clipart

Clipart.com Bird Illustrations

AnimationFactory Bird Animations

Acclaim Images Bird Illustrations


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