What's Your Favourite Spring Flower?

After the robins arrive in our corner of the world, other signs of spring begin to bloom all over the place. Quite literally really. From the first early snowdrop peeking through the earth,  to the delicate beauty of the cherry blossoms in Ontario's Royal Botanical Gardens,  the arrival of colourful buds is as welcome as, well, the flowers in May.

The aforementioned snowdrop and the crocus are the first to strut their stuff, bringing warmth to a place too long stark and cold. As they push through from their underground bed, we awaken too, moving outdoors to clear away the remaining detritus of winter.

As a young girl, I remember planting a hyacinth bulb for a school project. When it bloomed I thought it was the prettiest flower I'd ever seen. For sometime thereafter it remained my favourite and I would often pick bouquets for my Mom and my room, allowing its heady fragrance to fill our home with spring.  Sadly, allergies developed, and now that same perfume leaves me breathless so I can only enjoy them from afar.

If I need to be cheered, there's nothing like the appealing freshness of daffodils to do it. The colour of sunshine these unpretentiously pretty flowers epitomize spring. It's little wonder they were chosen as the symbol for the Canadian Cancer Society as representation of hope.

The riotous variety of colour that tulips bring to early landscapes is a treat for the eyes. These jaunty blooms arrived in abundance in Canada after World War II,  a gift from the people of The Netherlands, in gratitude for the safe harbouring of their royal family after German occupation, and in appreciation of  the Canadian soldiers who liberated the country.

There are many others of course; these are the ones most familiar in my corner of the world. Like anything else, some appeal to some, others to others. What's your favourite spring flower?

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