When Spring is in the Air

Though a lingering nip is still hanging around, there's something else in the air now too. Signs of spring abound— in the receding snow, the morning songs of birds, the longer days and the warming heat of the sun.

Though I posted a few blogs about how to get great winter photos, I most definitely didn't practise what I preached. Like the bear, I hibernate in the cold months, limiting my amateur shutterbug tendencies to loved ones and social events.

But now that spring is mightily pushing winter out of the way, I think it's time to start thinking about taking my camera outdoors. The rebirth and rejuvenation is quite frankly a blooming  opportunity for some lovely pictures. The first signs of returning flora and fauna, the colours are the images of the season that beg for attention. The trick is in how to make the pictures you take as fresh as the subjects on which you're focussing.

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