When Still Life Comes Alive

One of the best things about the end of day at our old summer haunt, was climbing out onto the rocks to watch the fading sun. As it dropped below the horizon the brilliant colours were reflected in the gentle ripple of the water, while silhouetted seagulls floated across the sky.

This week, I focussed each and every blog on sunsets and sunrise, from photography and illustration to how tos with cameras and Photoshop.  But while the beauty can be captured through a lens, with a paintbrush, or using an image editor, the ebb and flow of Mother Nature and the life around her are stilled.

So, to take my theme across the entire five days and complete what became a rather fun series, I have now looked to the wonderful AnimationFactory,  the best online source for animated clipart, PowerPoint templates, backgrounds and videos, to see what happens when the wonder of an illustrated sunset is no longer still.  Here's what I found:

Animated Sunsets/Sunrises


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