Awesome Tutorials for Creating Flowers

How easy it is to draw the simple daisy. A circle, a few loops, and with little effort, or talent for that matter, you have illustrated one of nature's happiest blooms.  A rather authentic, albeit basic, tulip, can be a breeze to achieve too. These are flowers that are this doodler's ultimate artwork.

Beyond them, however,  I would never insult Mother Nature by even attempting to copy her handiwork. The satiny layers of a rose, the three-dimensional daffodil, the shadings of a pansy are well beyond the scope of my artistic ability.

With pencil and paper that is. What I don't know is what I might be able to manage using image editors. This notion sparked my curiosity and I decided to spend a little time seeking out some tutorials. What I discovered has inspired me and I'm eager to see if it might be possible to turn this doodler into a bit of an illustrator.  One copying another's work, perhaps, but ready to start somewhere.

Here then are links to a number of tutorials I found for creating flowers, some for beginners, some more advanced.  And should it prove to be too daunting I can always go back;  I even found a step-by-step showing how to put pencil to paper and draw a variety of flowers.

Creating a Flower in Photoshop

Make a Flower Bouquet Using Photoshop

Creating Leaves and Flowers in Photoshop

Create Tulips in Illustrator

Create Tulip in Photoshop and Illustrator

Create a Fabulous Rose

Drawing a Rose in Photoshop

Draw Realistic Spring Flower Scene

How To Draw Flowers


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