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There is nothing more fun on Easter than the annual egg hunt. Little tots, baskets in hand, searching under shrubs and behind buildings, beneath sofas and inside cupboards for those pretty pastel ovals are a delight to watch. Speed in their tiny steps, smiles in their discoveries, they bounce randomly from space to space hopeful and happy.

I loved watching my kids dashing around the yard, vying to see who could discover and gather the the greatest collection.  When the older two decided they were too big for the activity, it was interesting to note how very little time it took before they jumped into the fun to 'help' their younger sister and brother. It became a lively competition of boys against girls, or the first-born of each age group against the younger of each, depending on the year.  Either way, their father and I cheered them on.

And then it stopped. For a few years, with adult kids and no grandbabies we were relegated to watching the neighbourhood tots scramble from yard to yard.  It was okay but we looked forward to the time when the hunt could begin anew. Finally 14 years ago, our grandson arrived and we thought the cycle would begin again. However, while we hoped for more teammates to arrive, he was the sole gatherer until he too cared to gather no more.

This Easter however, I'm back in the egg hiding business as our little granddaughter, who came to brighten our world in 2012, will be reviving the hunt. And with the addition of three others to the family before spring is done, we can look forward to many more to come.

Though ours is a family affair, this popular event is often hosted by organizations and communities. If you're in need of the perfect picture to advertise your Easter egg hunt, here are some wonderful collections I found online: Easter Egg Hunt

Acclaim Images Easter Egg Hunt Photos


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