Best Flower Animations on the Web

It was one of those running-a-little late mornings, a harried look at the clock letting me know that I had clearly lost track of some time somewhere.  A quick buss on the cheek of my guy and it was out the door and down the walk on fast forward.

About a block into my exhilarating strut, however,  I began to become aware of the fact that this was a beautiful morning. A clear blue sky lit by the rising sun warmed me. The chirrups and tweets of the early birds brought the first music to my day. My pace inadvertently slowed as I looked around me, absorbing the pleasing sensations created by sight and sound. The only thing missing was the landscape-brightening colours of spring.

With two feet of snow still lying dirty and tenaciously in many places, the sight of early season flowers seems a long way off yet. When they finally burst through my morning walks on days such as this one will be complete. Nothing brings the world to life more than colourful blooms.

If they aren't quite ready to bring our real world alive, however, we can watch them bloom in our blogs, websites and emails with these fun animations, some of the best I've found in my opinion:

AnimationFactory Flowers


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