Enhance Eyes in Photoshop

I get lost in my granddaughter's eyes. Icy blue they melt the heart.

Though the basic colour runs in the family, this particular shade is a gift from her father whose own icy blues have also received their fair share of compliments over the years.  Our niece, a photographer, likes to tell him how they got her a great mark in one of her courses. 

The challenge was to take a picture that offered a vivid detail without an Photoshop enhancement. In her case the eyes had it.  Having done family shots of my daughter, her husband and their newborn she was quite pleased to see she had managed to capture the true colour of those baby blues in several of the poses.

If it wasn't for her course, however, getting the true colour in her photography isn't really something she needs to worry about these days. With Photoshop we can easily boost the hue of an eye, or even change it. Imagine the opportunity to see what you'd look like with those dazzling violet peepers of the late Liz Taylor. How simply and effectively that can be achieved is the focus of these great tutorials:

Enhancing Eyes Using Photoshop

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Lighten and Brighten Eyes in Photoshop

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Enhancing Eyes in Photoshop


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