Enhance Your Portraits With Photoshop

Being rather old-school about some things I've always believed that a talented photographer gets the right picture. When setting up the shot, their creative ability and practical knowledge, their experience and talent all combine to achieve the kind of results the rest of us can only hope for. 

Taking into account the environmental factors, such as lighting, they select the settings that will provide the right exposure and contrast. Their artistic eye sees things differently through a camera lens than the average person,  a vision they share in their picture. Their understanding honed by practise leads them to achieve a positive result, while creativity adds the edge.

And yet, despite all of this, many photographers today know that perfect can be improved upon. With Photoshop a simply beautiful portrait can be transformed to something dramatic. And sometimes too, even the best photographers have a bad day and find themselves with less than stunning results. These informative sites offer some tips on how you might revamp a portrait photo to add some interest or simply improve upon it:

Enhance a Portrait With a Soft Focus Glamour Effect

Simple Steps to Stunning Portraits in Photoshop

50 Portrait Retouching Photoshop Tutorials

Use Brushes to Enhance Portraits

Retouching Bridal Portraits With Photoshop

Enhance Portraits Quickly and Professionally


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