Great Ideas for Portrait Posing

Our Easter family gathering was perfect. We had a full house and full deck as everyone made it home and Mother Nature treated us to the perfect blend of sunny skies and warm temperatures. 

As always, I took advantage of having all my babies around me to get some pictures, mostly candid, though I did try for a little bit of portraiture as well. The problem with the latter I find is that I can't seem to combine the elements of artistry in me and patience in my subjects. Working to achieve the perfect pose, while kids fidget and Mom and Dad struggle to hold them still until this amateur shutterbug is ready can be a serious challenge.

It doesn't help I suppose that when it comes to posing I pretty much wing it. Gathering the troop, with no vision of what I'm hoping to achieve, I shift and switch trying to blend them into perfect composition, before working on the finer issues of expressions, blowing hair and squinting eyes.  The best idea really would be to find some that work and stick to them instead of trying to re-invent the wheel each and every time.  And my starting point, I suppose, should probably be with advice from people who have already got it right.

To that end I went in search of a little inspiration and found these very helpful sites on portrait posing:

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67 Portrait Poses

A Guide to Perfect Portrait Posing


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