Great Tutorials for Easter

By the time this weekend's over Easter will be behind us for another year.  We will have tucked away the decorations, discovered all the eggs (we hope), enjoyed the company of family and, if you're a child  or child at heart,  crammed in as much chocolate and sweets as possible.

On the professional side the need for images has passed as well, with promotional materials now redundant. The bunnies and baskets we used to decorate blogs and websites will have been replaced for something more timely.

But today being the last before the long holiday weekend, I thought it might be fun to find some Photoshop and Illustrator projects suitable for the occasion. These can be tucked away, played with and perfected for next year's projects.

Create Easter-Themed Collage

Easter Wallpaper Illustration

Easter Bunny and Egg Spring Scene

Create and Easter Postcard

Draw an Easter Egg

Draw a Cartoon Rabbit


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