How to Photograph Flowers

Finally, we're seeing the end of the snow. The rivers are rushing as the last of winter is washed away by warm showers and rising temperatures.  Soon, the barren landscape will be freshened with greening lawns, and gardens will come alive.  When the flowers bloom, you will want to be ready with your camera.  It's a great pastime to capture images to tide you over when winter once again paints the world with a monochromatic palette.

Last year, after a few dismal showings, I was thrilled to see that my hydrangeas were going to go blooming crazy this time. Given that our well-shaded property makes it challenging to get the most out of my flowers, to see these plants full of large lush blossoms was a definite delight, so I made sure to get some photographs. While the results were fine, however, they weren't nearly as picture perfect as the real thing.

Doing justice to Mother's Nature's artwork takes more than pointing and shooting a camera. I have done a little searching for some tips and tricks to help me improve my flower photography skills. Here are a few of the results:

Flower Photography Tips for Beginners

How to Photograph Flowers

How to Get Great Flower Closeups

10 Secrets to Better Flower Photography

Tips for Better Flower Photography

How to Photograph Flowers

Tips for Shooting Flowers Outdoors

Photographing Flowers

How to Get Great Pictures of Flowers

5 Secrets to Great Flower Pictures

Photographing Flowers


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