How to Photoshop Your Wedding Pictures

As a photographer, you have just finished shooting another wedding. The bride has come and gone, but after a long day of setting up photos and capturing candid moments,  you know that a lot of the work still remains.

I remember my wedding photos. What the photographer got that day was what I got from him.  He relied on talent and good fortune to achieve the results I saw. There was some playing that could be done in the darkroom, but it was much more difficult in those days to save a less than ideal photo.

Not to mention, the only special effect we could  expect would be some black and white thrown into the colour mix. Melding two images into one, creating a vintage look, adding text or an illustration hadn't been done yet. Nor thought of I expect. It was, after all, in the time long before computers and Photoshop.

Today's brides and grooms see completely different results when they view their wedding photos. Images have been enhanced, technically and artistically. Here are just some of the ways, photographers work their magic after they put the camera down;

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