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One of the biggest special editions we did in our community newspaper, during my time there as editor, was the annual Bridal section. The people in our area were the resource for our editorial content. Features on local couples, their engagements, their plans and nuptials were always a highlight for our readers.  After all, everyone loves a wedding.

Our comp department, however, had to reach outside the locale for their advertising designs, with photographs and illustrations from first, good old clipart books, then eventually online resources. The more ads, of course, meant more pages to fill, though. So while we worked hard to come up with original content, sometimes we had to count on canned copy, including pictures to help fill the space.

in the publishing industry, accessing beautiful images these days to enhance a story or ad is simple with the availability of online image resources. Check out these lovely collections from :

Bride and Groom Photos



Wedding Rings

Bridal Flowers

Wedding Cakes


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