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Wedding planning is an exciting time — fun, but not without its stresses. Deciding on  the right venues, booking a minister, photographer, caterer, entertainment, choosing the dress, the bridal party...  the list of details that need to be addressed is endless.

Somehow, our youngest daughter made this all look easy. I never noticed a time when she was particularly stressed, perhaps because she was clear on what she wanted before the planning even began.  Basically trying to find a dress that suited me was probably the most daunting task we faced.

With stress pretty much taken out of the equation, one of the easiest  tasks we did together was selecting the clipart  she wanted for stationery needs and favours.  The variety available online for a nominal fee to ensure we need have no concerns about copyright infringement, was phenomenal. With a subscription to she was able to find everything she needed to design her own invitations, cards, etc. She even managed to find a bride adorned in a black gown, just as she would be which she used as the decoration for a CD of special music she did for her guests.

It wasn't just straightforward bridal images she was looking for and using keywords such as Victorian, flourish and background, helped.  Which is the trick, of course, when searching on these types of sites. Keywording is a human science and as such you need to try a few options sometimes before you hit on exactly what you need.

Whether you're looking for something for yourself, for your designer, your planner, or if you're a in the wedding business yourself, it's hard to believe you couldn't find what you're looking for on these sites. For today then, here are some of the results we got in our search for wedding images, plus a few from other online resources: Brides

Wedding Flourishes and Backgrounds from Bridal Illustrations Wedding Clipart Wedding Illustrations

ClipartGuide Wedding Images

ClickArt Online Wedding Clipart

Acclaim Images Wedding Clipart


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