Top Tutorials for Switching Faces in Photoshop

In my blogging world, the week began with some chatter about the magic one can create with eyes in Photoshop. It led me on a bit of theme, centred around people and portraits, from how to pose them, to how to take them, to how to play with them.

Continuing on that trend for my Friday post then, I've decided to take a look at what you can do with an entire face in Photoshop. I was reminded of a fun project a colleague at the weekly paper where I worked did as a joke years ago when the newsroom first installed the software. She took to the new program like Clapton to guitar and enjoyed tackling new tasks.  This particular one began with a water cooler discussion regarding my daughters, an amusing friend and my older girl's wedding pictures.

I should first explain, perhaps, that big sister is quite tiny, barely scraping five feet, yet in possession of a 100-wattage smile and gorgeous blue eyes. Her baby sister, by contrast, is long-legged and stands a good head and shoulders over her.  It was my telling the story about the good-natured ribbing of a bridesmaid about putting the head of one on the body of the other to make the perfect woman, (her words, certainly not mine) that the idea unfolded to see how realistically we could achieve this transformation in Photoshop.

The results were astounding, if a little creepy for Mom. To anyone who didn't know my girls, they would never have questioned the photo.

While this was strictly because we could, there are times when it's necessary. We have all taken that fantastic group picture with one person looking the wrong way in one shot, then being the only one looking right in another.  The ability to transfer their good face onto the good picture is a valuable tool.

So... if you're interested in a little switcheroo for fun or purpose, these links will help. There are several options to help you find the one that works best for you, as well as some extras for manipulating faces:

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