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Here comes the bride,  posing for pictures, floating gracefully down the aisle, strutting happily into the  hall on the arm of her groom following the service. Weddings are all about motion — from the flurry of the preparations, to the quiet actions of the ceremony,  from the congratulatory hugs and kisses,  to the gyrations and snuggling on the dance floor.

From my own nuptials decades ago, to the most recent marriage of our youngest daughter, there have been a lot of weddings to attend in between for my husband and me. Generally, they have been the happiest of occasions, prolonged celebrations that actually began with the engagement.

Unquestionably, among the events we take time to be part of, the marriage between two people is the most extended party there can be.  There is so much excitement in the early planning stages, followed by showers, bachelor and bachelorette shindigs until finally the big day arrives, filled with more activity morning to night than one can imagine. There are last-minute details that must be done,  coiffures, makeup and nails to deal with, all before the real show begins.

In recognition of the busynesss that surrounds the bridal couple, therefore, here are some fun wedding animations from one of the best resources on the web:

AnimationFactory Wedding Clipart


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