Beautiful Butterfly Photos

Doing the dishes the other day, I glanced outside the window and my attention was diverted by a pretty butterfly. For several seconds I watched it flutter and float before moving out of my view.

As enchanted as I was by this pleasant interlude in my day, as eloquent as I might try to be in telling you about it, I know that I can't do the image justice.

A picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words. We can talk about life, about wonder, about news, as graphically or descriptively as we like, but only with visual enhancement can curiosity and interest be truly sated.

Photographs also help us to feel and understand. They can be powerful, enigmatic and truthful. Perhaps, most important, however, is how they can open our eyes to the beauty around us. Often in day-to-day living we forget to pay attention. Still-life, however, compels us to stop and study, to take in the essence of what we are seeing. You can savour a sunset or much-loved face, every facet, every element.

A picture is also able to capture and hold the elusive. For example, while spying a butterfly can be a delight, keeping them in sight isn't always easy. Flirtatious and shy, they don't generally sit still for close scrutiny. Their special beauty in photos, however, such as those in the collections here, can be enjoyed with no time limit.

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