Best Butterfly Illustrations on the Web

A few years ago, when a long-time friend passed away,  I considered what I might offer his family as a gesture of condolence. Though my mind flipped through several ideas, one kept coming up again and again — a butterfly bush.

Trees and shrubs are often viewed as symbols of eternity and therefore given as memorials for loved ones. One, therefore, that had the added feature of attracting butterflies was clearly the perfect choice.

Butterflies provide solace and comfort to many people at the time of a bereavement. Their gentle grace brings closer the presence of a lost loved one. Many believe they are a sign from above that the one they mourn is fine.

Another friend of mine, who had tragically lost her niece, was working in the garden when grief suddenly overcame her. Sobbing, she turned away from her work to sit, and discovered that her backyard was full of butterflies, dancing lightly on the gentle breeze.

It's little wonder with stories such as this that their image often graces literary work on grieving and healing. They are etched in stone on memorials and used as decorative touches on everything from windchimes to jewellery.

If you are looking for butterfly images for designs and/or projects, then here are some of the best I found on the web: Butterfly Illustrations Butterfly Illustrations

Acclaim Images Butterfly Illustrations

ClipartGuide Butterflies

ClickArt Online Butterflies


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