Great Butterfly Animations

One of my favourite things about summer is the return of the butterfly. Sitting on the deck on a sultry afternoon, I am enchanted by their graceful dance as they flit from flower to flower.  They are poetry in motion; their eye-catching colours and markings an aesthetic delight.

Thinking back to childhood, a time when the world around us is full of wonder, is there any other insect that can inspire such awe? My little granddaughter spied an ant the other day, her first. She hunkered down on her haunches and was quite fascinated by this tiny new creature until, out of the corner of her eye, she spied the fluttering of a passing butterfly.  Her new friend abandoned, she gleefully followed its graceful path.

I don't know anyone who would deny the beauty of a butterfly. Some find them symbols of inspiration or comfort. Others simply appreciate them for their utilitarian purpose, as cross-pollinators. Some, such as myself and my sweet grandchild, are happy to watch them. So for those equally captivated by this gentle insect, I offer here are some adorable animations:

AnimationFactory Butterflies


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