Great Tutorials for Creating Butterflies in Photoshop

The other day, my mother, recently widowed after 70 years of marriage to my beloved dad, received a card containing an inspirational verse. It came from a family friend, who volunteers at a hospice. As a volunteer at a hospice she is well versed in what words can support a person through grief and ease their pain.

While her prose was touching, what struck me first were the graphics she had used to enhance the front. Two gorgeous iridescent butterflies helped to convey what was the perfect message of solace and peace. 

Butterflies have long been symbols of hope in bereavement. I know that I felt comforted simply looking at them. Yet, somewhat holographic and full of bold colour they were also tiny works of art. 

Captivated by the aura and beauty of butterflies, I was quite intrigued by the design and details. Eventually, my mind turned to the fun in being able to create images such as this and once again to the magic we create with Photoshop. 

As always, a quick search on Google for butterfly projects, resulted in several options, from animations to scenes. Here are just a few of my discoveries:

Create a Butterfly in Photoshop

Animating a Butterfly

Make a Beautiful Spring Butterfly Scene

Create a Butterfly Wing Curl


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