Great Photoshop Ideas for Father's Day

This weekend we celebrate Dad — the guy who was every little girl's first love and every little boy's first hero.

Yet despite the impressive stature, when it comes to gifts and accolades,  fathers are often given short shrift compared to their maternal counterparts.  Mom's cards are usually full of flowery prose and verse, extolling her virtues and the power of her maternal love.  Humour, on the other hand, is what's typically in store for Dad, all evidence of sentimentality covered by light teasing and corny jokes.

When we shop for Mom appreciation is shown in numerous ways: clothes, flowers, sweets, jewellery, fragrances or spa treatments. Sadly, it seems imagination goes out the window when it comes to shopping for Dad. While the tie cliché might not be as apt in today's more casual society, we do tend to stick to something when we think we have a winner. For me, that meant giving consideration year after year to my father's love of sweets, foul-smelling cheese and good whiskey.

Certainly you like to go with a winner when you have it, but a gift, given in heartfelt love, should take some thought. Sitting in front of a computer all day, my mind does tend to run to technology and the differences it has made in so many ways to the lives we live now. I began to wonder what Photoshop might be able to offer in ideas for Father's Day. Here's what I discovered:

Photoshop Collage for Father's Day

A 'Manly' Project for Father's Day

Create a Father's Day Card in Photoshop

Father's Day Card in Photoshop

Create a Personalized Father's Day Greeting

Celebrate Dad With This Great Free Template


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