How to Enhance Macro Photography With Water Drops

The verdant lushness of a micro photo of a palm leaf is lovely. Add a few raindrops, glistening in sunlight, and you've taken that picture to another level entirely.

This is the job of the photographer — to find new ways to look at the ordinary and make it special. The addition of a few drops of water, therefore, is to take the simple to the adorned. Glistening moisture on a tomato or soft petal prove that one small thing can make a difference.  One small element and the viewer's eye is now drawn into the photograph.

Achieving the effect, however, may require a degree of artifice.  The eye may favour a strategically placed dewdrop, but actually finding that on a leaf or fruit is unlikely. A walk at dawn could work,  but many macro photographers don't leave it to chance. Instead they utilize some of their talents — ingenuity and creativity to be exact.

Here then are tips from the experts on how to take macro shots with the addition of water drops:

Adding Dew Drops to Enhance Macro Photography

Water Drop Photography

Enhancing Macro Photography With Dew Drops


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