Lovely Photos of Lovely Places

"There is a place, Where I can go
When I feel low, When I feel blue."
There Is a Place, Lennon and McCartney

There's most definitely a place in this world like that for me. While it's unfortunately a little too far to visit as often as I'd like, the beautiful French River is an annual destination for recharging and relaxing.

The annual spring trek this time, from which I have just returned, was more welcome than normal coming on the heels of a bit of an emotional roller coaster ride this past month.  The birth of two new grandbabies within a week of each other (meaning two new moms needing mom's help), followed shortly after by the passing of my father, had left me feeling emotionally drained and mentally exhausted.

Given the fact that I could barely organize my thoughts, let alone an extended weekend holiday, by the time I left last week, I had added physically done-in to my condition.

Arriving at our cabin, one of a rustically-elegant group that are part of a lodge, my husband and I both felt the tension leave us, as softly and gently as if carried away on the gentle breeze off the slowly flowing river. The music of the rustling leaves continued to soothe. Days of hiking, resting and a few tours on the pontoon completed the healing. My return to work on Monday was with a new refreshed attitude.

Now, while  I can't visit the glorious French River every time I feel the need, I do have all the lovely pictures I took to tide me over until the next visit. And should I become bored with them, I can always enjoy beautiful photos of similar places on sites such as




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