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Saturday was the Summer Solstice and a more perfect day to usher in the best season of the year, to my way of thinking, could not have been asked for. The whole weekend for that matter was one of blazing sun and hot temperatures with enough of a cooling breeze to make it agreeable.

My two days away from the work world were spent out in the country with my daughter and her two little children. While summer officially arrived on a day that had been set aside for lots of busyness and projects,  by Sunday we were able to indulge ourselves and appreciate the pleasantness.

After an early breakfast out, we took some time to wander around a petting zoo and playground before taking a sleepy baby back home. 

As he napped, we basked in the warmth and the life around us.  From the trill of the birds to the deep bass of the noisy bullfrog singing in the pond, the air was full of nature's music. We, on the other hand, expended energy from lounge chairs, sipping cool drinks under an azure blue sky, watching our Little Missy dip and flip in her wading pool.

These images will be added to the others I carry with me when I think of the perfect summer day.  When you're looking for ones to illustrate that ideal you can find them in clipart collections such as these: Summer Illustrations Summer Illustrations

Acclaim Images Summer Illustrations

ClipartGuide Summer Images

ClickArt Online Summer Illustrations

TOON Clipart Summer Cartoons


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