Photos of Fathers and Daughters

I'm a big fan of dads. One was my first love and another is, hopefully, my last.

The relationship that a little girl has with her father is a special one. He is the hero, the strongest, bravest man. To him, she is his princess, to be protected and loved.

As a wife and mother, watching that develop between your husband and children is equally remarkable.  I remember whne  my guy held his newborn daughter for the first time. Watching this strong man try not to appear terrified, while seeing what was definitely a new love affair already in bloom was a beautiful thing.  Not to mention there's probably nothing sexier than a tough macho man in the company of a little lady.

No less interesting to follow, though, was  the dynamic that formed with their dad as both of our girls grew and matured. While his word was law and accepted with respect, they also could get away with far more than their brothers. And knew it. A batted lash, a demure pout, a sweet giggle melted any steely resolve in situations where perhaps a little was warranted.  

Now as young adults, the man they see is still their hero, despite the fact that he is pretty much a pussycat in their company. Watching them interact this Father's Day is going to be particularly bittersweet for me as I said goodbye to my own daddy just short weeks ago.  I never doubted the special relationship between father and daughter, but I have never felt it more intensely than I do these days.

So in recognition of that unique and loving bond, here are some wonderful photos of men and their girls, just in time for Dad's celebration on Sunday.

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