Tips for Taking Photos in the Rain

Jimmy Durante once said, "If you want the rainbow, you've got to put up with the rain."

Today in our corner of the world it's a day for thinking ahead to the rainbow. Dreary, grey skies  provide the canopy above us — one with plenty of leaks it would seem. It's one of those days when a peek out the window reveals nothing but drizzle. It's a dismal view, which, since seen the the movie Testament, has always had an end-of-things aura for me.

The positive, however, is that while the potential for any sunshine is apprently non-existent for today, and likewise then any hope of a rainbow,  nature has just enjoyed a bath. Tomorrow we wake to a fresher, greener environment, where droplets glisten off roses, drooping leaves revive and robins cavort on dewy damp lawns.

In photography too, weather  such as today's can provide wonderful opportunities for beautiful images.  How to achieve them is explained by check out these great links:

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DPS Rain Photography Tips

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