Monday, July 21, 2014

3 Top Sites with Photos to Inspire You

Waking up to a perfect summer morning, after a terrific weekend can certainly have a body feeling good.   Life, however, has a way of shaking things up, and it doesn't take long before something happens to bring you back to earth.

Staying positive can sometimes be a challenge amidst all the stuff that likes to get in the way of perfection.  Just listening to the news can add a lot of stress to a day. Throw in work, family dramas and other little mishaps and occurrences and staying in the moment and appreciating it for all it's worth can take a great deal of focus.

To keep thinking happy thoughts and stay optimistic, even those days when it's asking a lot of a person, there are many practices and activities, from meditation to recreation, to daily quotes and inspirations to help. 

Social media sites are full of these guiding lights, pat messages of truths we should know but often forget to remember. If you've got a positive message to share and need a beautiful background to decorate the text there are many to be found on stock photo sites. Here are a random sampling I found that would perfectly convey sentiments of hope, love and peace: Inspirational Backgrounds

Acclaim Images Inspirational Backgrounds Inspirational Photos

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