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When we think of summer days, particularly the weekend, it conjures up images of fun, play and relaxation. There is a hammock, swaying gently beneath the branches of two shady maples. We see children splashing in a pool, faces lit by smiles and mischief. There is too, the boisterous socializing of a backyard barbecue, as friends and family gather for drinks, food and conviviality.

Every once in a while, however, work wiggles its way into the mix of activity, pushing out any chance of pleasure and leisure.  Such was the case this past weekend as my husband and I spent Saturday and Sunday down and dirty in renovations.  While we worked up a sweat indoors, tearing and scraping, we tried to avoid too many longing glimpses out the window at the gorgeous sunshine and blue sky.

Life does get in the way of a good time now and again. It's to be expected, even in the summer. Yet, heading back to work this morning after that weekend, I did feel a bit cheated. Now, with no images of fun, play and relaxation of my own to fall back on, I will have to rely on these wonderful photos  I discovered online: Summer Fun Photos Images of Summer Fun Summer Fun

Acclaim Images Summer Fun Photos

Baby Center Kids, Sun and Summer Fun Gallery


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