Awesome Photoshop Tutorials for Summer

Well, here we are just over three weeks into summer. Hard to believe actually. It doesn't seem all that long ago  was feeling pretty excited that the summer solstice had arrived.

Yet, once that school bell rings for the final time before the children set out for their extended break, the days seem to fly past.  Mondays arrive now with me looking ahead to what I think  is going to be a long stretch before the next weekend, only to discover it's Friday before I know it.

As a result, though summer's arrival had been welcome, I'm desperately trying to find a way to slow my days down, even work ones, just a bit.

While taking on some fun Photoshop projects probably isn't going to serve that purpose, I suppose at least it's one way to experience summer when you're stuck indoors.  Here are some great Photoshop tutorials geared to your summer state of mind:

Create a 3-D Summer Themed Text Effect

You Tube Summer Photoshop Tutorial

Create a Vintage Hazy Summer Effect

30 Awesome Summer Themed Tutorials


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