How to Create a Motivational Poster

Sometimes we need a little inspiration for our projects. Other times we might just be thinking instead of creating a project that is a little inspirational.

We've all seen, perhaps for some ad nauseam, those posts on social media — words of wisdom, common adages and motivational quotes laid across a gorgeous image of nature or something symbolic.  The majestic mountains, the impressive waterfall or awesome sunset, the powerful,  the physical challenge, the sense of calm assurance,  these all draw attention to the intent. Because,  of course, to quote another old adage,  a picture is worth a thousand words.

With the inundation of these motivational posters across the internet,  they admittedly often only get a cursory glimpse from me. But the odd time, whether it's the particular picture used to enhance the words or the message itself, something catches my attention and it has the desired effect, whether I feel a little less gloomy, a little more optimistic or a little better prepared to face what life throws my way.

There are those times too when I surprise myself and actually come up with some sound advice of my own and after getting over the stunned disbelief, think it might be nice to design my own poster and share it with others.  How it's done can be found in these tutorials:

Create a Motiviational Poster

eHow Create Your Own Motiviational Posters

Create Motivational Posters in Photoshop Elements

How to Make Your Own Motivational Poster


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