How to Find Photography Inspiration

It's a given that at some point while sitting at my desk day in and day out, I will be looking for inspiration to fill this space. As outlined at the top of my blog,  the goal is to offer education and tidbits on the world of images, as well as  glimpses of some of the best clipart and photos online.

The plan for me since starting this has been to keep the dialogue light and easy, prattling on about simple things, which ultimately are tied back in to the primary focus. In turn, I hope, too, to give readers one-stop-shopping for related informative sites that I have taken the time to research and collect in one place.  With this admittedly convoluted approach, inspiration has been an integral element.

One of the things that has helped is focussing on a theme for the week, settling on one particular word and designing my thoughts and topics around it for each day.  Thus it was, that in looking for inspiration this week it actually became my focus —  inspiration and how it can be applied in the world of images. Monday was all about the types of beautiful photographs used to decorate motivational messages, while Tuesday's clipart collections were all about being  feelin' groovy.

Today, I look photography and sources of inspiration for those folks who wander their world with camera in hand. I know that after years of devouring the scenery at the beautiful French River through my lens, or chasing after family members to capture the moments we create together forever, it's getting harder and harder to be inspired, to see the same situations a different way or approach settings from a new perspective. Researching o see what kind of help I could find online, I soon came up with quite a few possibilities. These three were my favourites:

60 Sources of Inspiration for Photography

DPS Using Visual Diaries to Find Photography Inspiration

25 Ways to Jumpstart Your Photography Inspiration


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