How to Take Great Fireworks Photos

Two of the biggest celebrations of the summer for North American people are over. Canadians celebrated the anniversary of Confederation on July 1 and the Americans marked their independence from Great Britain on July 4. Neither of these occasions would be complete without fireworks, whether they happened in public parks or private backyards.

These brilliant displays of light and colour aren't exclusive to those holidays, however. Really no other excuse is required than the fact that it's summer. Warm evenings encourage outdoor fun, including impromptu gatherings where campfires burn and socializing begins.  Throwing fireworks into the mix makes any of these nights celebratory.

When our daughter married up north several years ago, friends surprised them with a fireworks display. Gliding out across the glorious French River on a pontoon boat they lit up the sky, while guests back at the lodge grabbed cameras to try and photograph the impressive spectacle. Not surprisingly, the only one to really do it justice was the professional hired for the event. Because, let's be realistic here, taking pictures of fireworks involves a little more than pointing a camera and shooting.

If your results have been less than you've hoped for, these sites offer helpful tips:

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Fireworks Photography Tips


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