How to Watermark Your Photos

It's always nice to be able to give up the day job.

One of our nieces has been working ardently towards that end, following a recent passion for photography outside of her regular banking hours. Recognizing how difficult it can be, she has pulled out all the stops, investing time and finances to better potential.  From renting studio space to self-promoting egregiously, she has built a loyal clientele while encouraging new customers. No stone is left unturned, in ensuring that she is operating with success the only goal.

Except for one small detail. Though impressed by, and in agreement with, the majority of business decisions she has made, there is one that I question. Rather than producing photos for clients with a watermark she hands over a disc of pictures to them to be shared in whatever manner they choose.  Not only does this mean she gets no extra income from prints, but her work is not identified other than by word of mouth, and there is no protection against others using it. 

Of course, there is always an argument on the other side of any topic. Some feel watermarking actually decreases exposure for the photographer as their work is less likely to be shared across the web. As well, everyone knows that a thief with the right software can make short work of any watermark you place. 

But, for those like me, who still think it's in the best interest of the person taking the photo to stake a claim on it, a watermark, albeit one that's subtle and classic to my way of thinking,  is comfort. It's all about putting your stamp on your product.

If you agree, but aren't sure how to get started, there is no end to the tips available online. Here are a sampling of just some of the terrific tutorials  I found using a variety of programs and tools:

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