The Best Summer Animations

Perhaps it's the swiftness of the passing days, or the fact that I work through most of them, but summer and what it should mean — relaxation and pleasure, to my way of thinking — is on my mind a lot.

People get animated at this time of year discussing vacation plans and activities. While some while away the hours lakeside, partaking in a variety of  pastimes from  boating to berry picking to sunbathing, others are content to take their  respite in a swaying hammock strung between two shady maples right in their own backyard.   The hardy prefer adventure,  expending energy in white water rafting,  rappelling mountains or hiking woods.

There is surfing, swimming, sailing, something to be done, barbecues and beaches to be enjoyed.

Though most of the action centres around the annual summer vacation, weekends during this season are also quite different than those spent in the winter. From the time people stop cocooning until the deep heat of summer once again makes them torpid, they are on the move.  Saturday and Sundays they are found bringing yards back to life, working in gardens, mowing lawns, raking, digging, painting. These are the days when a day's labour leads to drinks on the deck with neighbours or poolside gatherings with groups of friends.

If you're looking for images to depict summer and the abundance of activities that are define it, what could be more perfect than animations. Here are some of the best:

AnimationFactory Summer Clipart


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