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Since giving up our family vacation place several years ago,  it's strange how very little time we have spent at the lake.  For a long time we lived there each and every summer, enjoying long leisurely afternoons beside the cool water and on warm sands.  It was a blessed time that filled the memory book with lovely images of family fun and beautiful landscapes.

As those days were all about lazy hours swimming and sunbathing I didn't often think to take my camera with me. Besides the concern of water and sand being an issue, it was also just one more thing to lug along with towels, books, lotions, snacks and beach chairs.  Something had to be left behind and as everything else seemed necessary, it was typically the camera.

Add into that the fact that it wasn't quite as much a part of me as it is these days, and sadly some golden moments were missed. There are a few photographs of our children and their pack of friends playing in the sand and surf, a few of social gatherings around campfires, a few of glorious sunsets viewed off the dock.  But, when I look at them now, it's never without the feeling that there could have been so many more.

What those might have been, besides more of what I'd already captured,  are among the suggestions I found on these great sites:

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