Tips for Taking Better Campfire Pictures

Besides being the nicest season for living in, as far as I'm concerned, summer undoubtedly presents some great subjects for photography.  Rather than the stark, monochromatic palette of winter, the world teems with colour as flowers bloom and life emerges.

Fluorescent hummingbirds hover while sipping nectar from gorgeous blossoms. Ruby-red cardinals and brilliant orioles stand out against a background of verdant leaves.  Rippling streams bubble over stones, waterfalls cascade between lush greenery. Forests are a cornucopia of  flora and fauna.

While nature can always be counted on to provide fodder for photographers, one can find a snowdrop or blue jay in winter, after all, summer also provides many unique opportunities for getting fun summer pictures.  Fireworks,  building sandcastles on the beach or hanging out at a baseball game are most definitely camera-worthy events.

There is one other social summer ritual, however, that can be a bit of a challenge to capture.  The neighbourhood in which I live is one of backyard campfires. These weekend gatherings are a highlight of the season, though usually impromptu. When someone decides a night is right, they get a blaze going. Then like moths, others are drawn towards the light, armed with lawn chairs and coolers to  partake of an evening of relaxing and visiting.

Since summers at the lake years ago, campfires have been a favourite pastime for our family, too.  These nights are among the memories to look back on in times to come. Preserving them in photographs for posterity isn't that simple however. If you are interested in getting some great campfire pictures you can find tips on these sites:

DPS 5 Tips for Creating Fun Campfire Photos

How to Photograph the Perfect Campfire Scene

How to Take Better Pictures Around a Campfire


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