Tips for Taking Photos in the Rain

I'm not sure when I started feeling this way,  but when the skies are dull and grey, when they threaten to shed a few tears, I become a bit of princess. There's nothing like a downpour to make me run and hide.

I wasn't always this way. I used to love a stroll in the rain.  Even getting caught in a deluge was kind of fun.  Obviously as a child, there was no greater adventure than standing stranded as the rain clouds opened up,  bathing me in warm sprinkles, and laying a playground of puddles at my feet.  Reaching my teens, though less likely to see that playful potential in a rainfall,  I nonetheless sensed something carefree about standing in it. 

And then I grew up I guess, when having clothes soaked and carefully-coiffed tresses ruined stopped being amusing. Despite this recent aversion, though,  I do still recall times as an adult when I felt how refreshing it was to stand under nature's shower, how cleansing and hedonistic it was.

Rain can also provide some excellent fodder for nature photographers, putting an entirely different perspective on the world. There is a diverse group of new subjects to be uncovered. Besides that, though are unique challenges in trying to take pictures in the rain. Here then, if you're not the kind to run and hide,  are some tips on how to get the best photos when the sun is gone and the sky is crying:

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