Tips to Capture Summer Moments

One of the great things about summer is how it pulls people outside.

No matter what your interest or energy level it's pretty darn difficult to sit inside when the sun soothes and the birds sing.  Some eagerly take advantage of the seasonable temperatures to get active, whether it's involvement in sports or more leisurely pursuits such as gardening, but warm weather is often capable of beckoning even the reluctant outside too.

Though there's nothing I enjoy more than a long walk on a summer's day, and do take some pleasure in digging in the dirt, generally my hedonistic nature is more conducive to a quiet sit in the shade with a tasty glass of wine and a deliciously entertaining read.  However, the blossoming gardens and colourful creatures that come to visit them inspire me to rise on occasion, camera in hand, to try and preserve that beauty for posterity.

This sporadic interest, though, means that the results are often hit and miss. While the eye is good, the knowledge of what my camera can actually do is limited.  A friend of mine, on the other hand, has developed a keen interest in photography, proven by the fact that not a day goes by when her camera is not in hand. If practice makes perfect she's on her way. Indeed, the recent images she grabbed of a hummingbird are among the best I've ever seen.

Her success inspired me somewhat, and I think this weekend it's time for a bit of practising myself. For this outing I sought some inspiration. These sites offer tips and ideas specifically for summer photography:

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Creative Photography Ideas for Summer

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