Where to Find Religious Illustrations

Inspiration drives us creatively. The artist is inspired by the scene of children in a garden to replicate it with watercolours. A word or phrase inspires the songwriter to compose, the author to write.  It comes as a flare, a moment of brilliance.

Inspiration is also what's behind much of what we do in a practical sense. We are inspired by something we hear or see to take up a new hobby, to remodel the bathroom, to take on a challenge. It comes as a flash of light, a eureka moment.

For many though, when they think of the word inspirational it is of a divine nature. It is a gentle guiding light, a spiritual beacon shining on religious values. Though these may be varied, they are united in the belief of a higher power, and in their purpose as the followers of that omnipotence.

It was this notion of faith and its presence in our diverse society that inspired me today to seek out religious illustrations. These collections are perfect for church projects, Sunday and Bible schools, etc.

Clipart.com Relgious Clipart

iCLIPART.com Religious Illustrations

Clipart.com Relgious Illustrations


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