Wonderful Animations for the Fourth of July

The sun is brilliant, the sky is blue, the temperature here is perfect. Having already enjoyed a day from work in recognition of our Canada Day, I sit at my desk hoping that the same weather I'm seeing out the window is shining on all of our friends in the United States as they celebrate Independence Day.

When it comes to July 4th there,  it's a given there will be a lot of activity, fun and games happening in America.  Family and friends get together and enjoy everything from ball games to picnics. The pictures they take home at the end of the day will be full of smiling faces and wonderful memories.

Remembering our own Canadian celebration on July 1st,  it's a certainty that as folks in the USA  enjoy their wonderful celebrations,  active bodies and animated faces will be the order of the day. It seems appropriate then the images chosen for this most patriotic of American holidays be animations.

AnimationFactory July 4th Animated Clipart


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