Wonderful Photos of America the Beautiful

Having put another Canada Day into the old memory album, we look ahead now to star-spangled images of red, white and blue. 

Friday,  for our friends south of the border, it will be a day of socializing and celebrating. Families will gather for picnics and barbecues, there will be parades and ball games, fairs and concerts. And after a day of festivities, fireworks will light the sky in recognition of this most patriotic of holidays.

Independence Day, or more familiarly July 4th, is the National Day of the United States, marking its independence from what was then the Kingdom of Great Britain. Typical of these celebrations around the world, whether, like America, they are in recognition of a nation's independence, the birth of a republic or some significant date in honour of a patron saint or ruler, patriotism is in abundance. Flags fly, songs are sung and national pride is evident at every turn.

So for those folks for whom America is everything, and they will be telling it to the world loud and proud this Friday, here are some wonderful collections of photos of America the Beautiful, from sea to shining sea.

iCLIPART.com America Photos

iPHOTOS.com America

Clipart.com Photos of America

National Geographic America's Best Adventures Photo Gallery

National Geographic Greatest Photos from the American West

50 States in 50 Photos


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